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Thank you for visiting our outdoor cinema Hire website we are a part of the proscreens group.  Please do not confuse us with any other company that uses different variations of our outdoor cinema Hire  website domain name.  We have been doing outdoor cinema hire since 2004.  Like most industries it has been flooded with people that are doing it because they think outdoor cinema is an easy way of making a living with cheep outdoor cinema equipment.  Most have not  any real experience of outdoor cinema.  We use the top safe outdoor inflatable Screens and LED screens for daytime film Screens that the market has to offer.  All out events are attended one of our technicians and not left unattended.  All our inflatable cinema screens are airsealed meaning that once the screens are inflated the pump is removed so no continuous noise like an inflatable castle so you enjoy the film without any background noise.  Our business is generally tailored from mid to big outdoor cinema events.  Although sometimes we do outdoor cinema for private individuals and peoples back gardens cinema.  Normally the ones who are looking for a great experience and aggravation free.    UK Open Air Cinema Outside Cinema Hire. We offer large outdoor inflatable cinema projection screens Hire for outside cinema events and film screenings. We provide for hire high quality visuals and outstanding sound systems depending on your needs . We are a UK open air cinema company. We can provide screen sizes from 20ft to 60ft with a choice of projectors from full HD and 4K projectors to 35mm cinema projectors.  We supply sound systems to cater for different audience sizes.

Outside Cinemas We offer large outdoor film with inflatable screens with for open air cinema Mobile Outdoor Cinema Hire and Outdoor Inflatable screen hire UK Mobile Outdoor Cinema Hire. We cover throughout the UK for film and events airscreen uk hire

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Outside Cinema Hire

Our outdoor cinema screens are inflatable or LED for daytime film screens. Also all our screens are air sealed which means there is no pump running continuously thereby ruining silent scenes within the film. Once the screen is inflated it’s stays inflated unless the temperature changes rapidly which we always check before we start the film if it needs a little bit more extra air. We believe for outdoor open spaces an inflatable screen is the only option this is due to health and safety because if the screen was to be metal and was to blow over serious injury could occur. Where possible all the technical equipment is positioned behind the inflatable screen this, ensures that all equipment is away from the public and there is no trip hazards.engineers remain on-site throughout the outdoor cinema screening to oversee everything and ensure optimum performance, smooth operation, and full Health & Safety compliance

Outdoor Big Screen Hire

We specialise in the creation of large-scale outdoor cinema events with the use of large inflatable Airscreens, projection and sound.Outdoor Cinema Screen Rental Some people think it is only the rain that stops a show but in fact wind is the main problem.  The bigger the screen the bigger the risk of wind effecting the event.  This could be the wind blowing the screen surface and causing the image to distort slightly.  When picking your inflatable screen to hire, take this into consideration.  Automatically people always look for the largest screen but it is not necessarily the best option in some cases. Available outside inflatable screen hire sizes 

Outside cinema Screen 20ft x 11.25ft (6.10m x 3.43m)

Big outdoor  inflatable cinema screen Hire 30ft x 25.5ft (7.32m x 4.12m)

Daytime LED Outdoors Cinema Screen Hire  20ft x 11.25ft (6.10m x 3.43m)

Daytime outdoor LED Screen Hire 10sqm

LED Screen Hire

Outdoor Mobile Cinema | Open Air Cinema Outdoor Mobile Cinema | Open Air Cinema Professional outdoor screen hire, large-screen film & video projection for parties,  festivals, school Open air cinema film screenings, promotional & corporate events.Where possible we prefer to project the films from behind the screen.

Outdoor Screen Hire

outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.
Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality.

It is ideal for social club Cinema events, pubs, corporate functions, community cinema festivals. community screenings, weddings, parties, pubs and even Holiday camp sites. Mobile cinema hire.



Our outside screening services have proven to be a great hit amongst people who have organised large parties and want their events to be extra special.Our inflatable screen rentals come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any budget or audience size.

OPEN AIR CINEMA, Mobile Outdoor Cinema Hire Outside Cinema Hire Surrey, Outside Cinema Hire Dorset, Outside Cinema Hire Hampshire, Outside Cinema Hire oxford Outside Cinema Hire, Open air cinema Open air cinema hire outdoor screen hire. We cover throughout the UK for film displays and events airscreen uk hire Open air cinema outdoor movies uk | Outdoor big screen hire | big screen rental | Open air cinema equipment | inflatable screen | pop up cinema hire | Open Air Film Cinema | outdoor Film screens | outdoor cinema | open air cinema Company in the UK An outdoor cinema rental  (also called open-air cinema) consists of a digital or film movie projectors, scaffolded construction or inflatable movie screen, and sound system.Pop Up Outdoor Cinema outside cinema prices, inflatable movie screen rental, inflatable screen, Open Air Film, Mobile Outdoor Cinema, OPEN AIR CINEMA, outdoor cinema London august outdoor cinema equipment |outdoor cinema projector Hire | outdoor cinema London | OUTSIDE CINEMA HIRE | Pop-up Cinema Hire | Inflatable Cinema Hire

2 engineers remain on-site throughout the outdoor cinema screening to oversee everything and ensure optimum performance, smooth operation, and full Health & Safety compliance.

Pop Up Outdoor Cinema company

Open air cinema hire outdoor screen hire. We cover throughout the UK for Cinema outside hire and events airscreen uk hire.  We cover throughout the UK for film displays and events airscreen uk hire. 


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